‘Go ka lang, Patty, and trust your intuition’

Posted on November 15, 2010


A college teacher whom I always consult about my profession advised me this morning, in reply to another long e-mail of mine, to trust my intuition. She said that she strongly believes that “everything happens for a reason.”

Reason and intuition, which is irrational, do not seem to make a perfect combination. How can the product of logical thought come in harmony with an illogical mix of gut feel, fate, and serendipity?

It makes sense when we go beyond ourselves as our point of reference. When we say “reason,” we do not only mean the reason of human beings. A reason that is beyond ourselves makes the world go ’round and our lives go on. We cannot completely grasp or foresee that reason. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to feel our way through life, in touch with our souls, on alert for signs and symbols.

We hear the voice of the Lord not only in our brains, but in the whole of our being.