Some things never change

Posted on December 19, 2010


When I was a kid and grown-ups asked me what I wanted to be, I only answered one of three things: to be a teacher, to be a priest, or to be a journalist. I could not imagine myself as anything else.

I have always prayed over it and am convinced, at this point, that my calling in life is to work as a journalist. I have never stopped nurturing, however, the sensibilities of a teacher and a priest.

I am happy that it shows in my yearbook write-up — crammed in 15 minutes, the writer’s proud of it — by our Guidon editor-in-chief, Ana Corina Arceo. This is my first time to read it again, after almost three years, as our college yearbook was only released this morning.

He’s known for being addicted to broadcast news — he does the best impersonation of Mike Enriquez, recites headlines from memory, and greets Mel Tiangco “Happy Birthday” on his blog.

If he’s not watching the news, you can find him hearing Mass at the chapel or at the library in full nerd mode. And while people are lining up for the latest Harry Potter novel, Paterno searches bookstores for Jesuit books — owing to his love for Ignatian values and fascination with the Jesuits — and books on journalism. He’s also a dedicated mentor and loves teaching. This guy is really hardcore, you’d think.

Underneath Paterno’s seemingly stern and holy exterior, however, is a guy who actually laughs at his mistakes, recovers easily from setbacks, and loves repeating funny anecdotes. He’s perfected that balance people would love to achieve — being truly hardcore while taking life in stride.

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