Three memories, three learnings

Posted on December 31, 2010


When 2010 began, I never imagined it ending this way. That our TV show, around the timetables of which I planned my personal life, would end its two-decade run was farthest from my mind. That my simple wish to take a long-desired vacation leave, which I got for three days during Holy Week, would be granted in the form of an almost half-a-year respite from work was inconceivable. That our independent production company would stop operations was the year’s biggest surprise that would alter the course of my life.

I close the year with three basic memories: (1) bonding with family and friends in an unprecedented five-month break; (2) applying for work; and the turning point that brought about one and two, (3) closing shop with and saying goodbye to my friends at Probe. With these memories, the year has impressed on me that life is a journey where the things that matter are three: relish each moment, look ahead, and never forget.

As the former UN secretary-general Dag Hammarskjöld says, “For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes.”

Lord, what You will let it be so
Where You will there we will go
What is Your will help us to know

Lord, when You will the time is right
In You there’s joy in strife
For Your will I’ll give my life

To ease Your burden brings no pain
To forego all for You is gain
As long as I in You remain

Because You will it, it is best
Because You will it, we are blest
Till in Your hands our hearts find rest
Till in Your hands our hearts find rest

Lyrics: Blessed Rupert Mayer, SJ
Music: Manuel V. Francisco, SJ
Arrangement: Arnel d. C. Aquino, SJ