Starting each morning

Posted on November 27, 2011


I believe in the power of symbols. So I believe that whatever I do first in the morning says a lot about my priorities. Why do I wake up in the first place?

For the past four or so years, one habit has helped me set my priorities straight: reading the Bible first in the morning. I am reminded of this as we Catholics begin another liturgical year today, which means another set of daily readings to guide ourselves with (Below is last week’s “The Word Exposed” video explaining the liturgical year).

It’s a 1o-minute practice that sends a powerful message to my body, the instinct of which is to want to eat breakfast immediately; my mind, which itches to check Facebook and Twitter every minute; and my spirit, which tends to be unanchored by the currents of daily living.

God created us, as St. Ignatius states in his Principle and Foundation, “to praise, reverence, and serve God our Lord, and by this means to achieve our eternal well-being.” Shouldn’t this be our reason for starting each morning?

For those who want a daily dose of prescribed Catholic readings, visit the official website of the Philippine Jesuits. Here are the readings for the First Sunday of Advent along with a reflection from Mary the Queen Parish.