Early gains for tourism campaign: #1forfun trends on Twitter

Posted on January 6, 2012


(UPDATED) A viral mix – a new tourism slogan with Filipinos itching to spread it online – made the Philippines one of the hottest topics on Twitter on Friday as the government launched its #1forfun campaign.

The hashtag #1forfun is the number one trending topic in the Philippines and the sixth worldwide as of posting time.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has not even formally launched its tourism campaign when #1forfun – a teaser that the DOT released a day earlier – became a trending topic in the Philippines on Friday.

The launch was scheduled at 10 a.m.

That this topic trended on Twitter could be an early sign of the outcome of the DOT’s new campaign, which Tourism Sec. Ramon Jimenez wants to mount on a base of social media and public support.

‘Game changers’

A former advertising executive, Jimenez is banking on the power of “game changing” media such as Facebook and Twitter in the government’s new tourism campaign.

In a speech before the Philippine Advertising Congress in Naga City last November, Jimenez said the Philippines should move away from “traditional” tourism campaigns, which largely involve paid advertisements.

He said the Philippines, which has less to spend on advertising than other countries, should bank on its strength in numbers online. The country has over 27 million Filipinos on Facebook and 10 million on Twitter, Jimenez noted.

“The game changer will be a campaign that will have a central strategy executed and propagated by millions of active, enthusiastic Filipinos who feel they have the power to persuade people to visit their country as tourists,” he explained.

‘We deserve a visit from the world’

In an interview on GMA News TV’s “State of the Nation” newscast, Jimenez said selling the Philippine brand should begin with Filipinos themselves.

“Believe in the beauty of your country. Sell it at every turn. Sell it on Facebook, on Twitter, on Multiply. Talk about your country because we deserve a visit from the world,” said Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, whom the President expects to boost Philippines tourism using his expertise in advertising.

The new tourism campaign comes in a year after the DOT, under then Sec. Alberto Lim, launched the widely criticized slogan “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” that even led to the resignation of a top DOT official.

Do you think the new tourism slogan will show the Philippines is really “fun”?

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