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January 3, 2013


Originally posted on The Wide Shot:
This week we return to the workplace after the holidays, but “back to reality” is something we shouldn’t say. Because to say that is to submit to the worldview that work comprises our entire reality, when in fact work is but a part of it. Are vacations – the…

Simbang Gabi Homilies: Day 2 with Fr. Jose Quilongquilong, SJ

December 17, 2011


My dear friends in Christ, I am deeply consoled to preside over the second Simbang Gabi Mass in our country after being away for 11 years. I left in the year 1999. Listening to our choir singing and seeing the festive decorations tonight brought back so much consolation of my previous Christmases in the Philippines […]

Simbang Gabi Homilies: Day 1 with Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin, SJ

December 16, 2011


Most probably, a black hole lives at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. It is probably a dead and very dense star pulling other stars and planets into itself like a sinkhole. Without wonder, we say gravity is what holds us together. We are no longer perplexed that two things (just by having mass, […]

I believe not only in God

January 30, 2011


Time was when people directly attributed sickness, misfortune, or death to the work of a dark, invisible beast with two horns, a tail, and a giant fork. Now, with the help of science, we can explain cases of “possession” as schizophrenic attacks, or “curses to the family” as genetic or generational disorders. Science, however, can only explain […]

Hoping no one who really knows will answer me

October 30, 2010


The world of spirits is a world of questions. Those ghosts — what do they do, just float around and watch us? What do they want to tell us? What do they long for? Why are they still here? After they died, what happened? Did they find themselves in a tunnel, as described in near-death experiences, […]

To be idealistic is not to be naïve

October 23, 2010


We should be careful not to equate idealism with naïveté. If we step out of the confines of school thinking that the world will be as noble as our student organizations, as fair as our exams, and as kind as our teachers, then we are being naïve. That is not what idealism is. The word […]

For us, children of instant gratification

August 25, 2010


  Above all, trust in the slow work of God. We are quite naturally impatient in everything                     to reach the end without delay. We should like to skip the intermediate stages. We are impatient of being on the way                     to something unknown,                          something new. Yet it is the law of all progress […]