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I must never forget

November 26, 2011


This respite of mine from “official” work is a good time for soul-searching. Why do I write and why should I? In 2007, I delivered this speech after receiving the Ateneo de Manila’s Raul Locsin Award for Student Journalism. My thesis here is something I now need to remember. A journalist is like an ambassador. An […]

Pixels: Cheche Lazaro on the ‘sting of rejection’

November 23, 2011


What is it like to wait for 15 years after college to achieve your lifelong dream? That was exactly the experience of my former boss, Cheche Lazaro, who said at our graduation almost four years ago that she was “not a stranger to rejection.” She was a long-time broadcasting professor at the University of the […]

‘Go ka lang, Patty, and trust your intuition’

November 15, 2010


A college teacher whom I always consult about my profession advised me this morning, in reply to another long e-mail of mine, to trust my intuition. She said that she strongly believes that “everything happens for a reason.” Reason and intuition, which is irrational, do not seem to make a perfect combination. How can the product of logical thought […]

The price of working in media

November 3, 2010


I have often been asked why I choose to stay in media despite the low pay. If only it didn’t need a long explanation, I have always wanted to say, “But shouldn’t we be the ones paying for this privilege?” It is an exaggeration, but I hope it drives home the point that working in media […]